Install a SSL certificat to your Sitecore site

I was installing locally Sitecore XP 9.2 for a new project and saw that only HTTP was installed out of the box by the Sitecore Install Assistant to access the new site. In this short article, I will explain how to create a new Self Signed Certificate on your server, and create a HTTPS bindingContinue reading “Install a SSL certificat to your Sitecore site”

Install Sitecore Storefront 10 XC1-CXA on Docker

Spoiler: this was not easy ! From Sitecore version 9, it has been possible to install Sitecore XP and XC on Docker. The installation was not straightforward and needed a lot of patience and a really good comprehension of how Docker works and how Sitecore parts interact with one another. When Sitecore 10 was releasedContinue reading “Install Sitecore Storefront 10 XC1-CXA on Docker”