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All the articles are also translated in French !

Tous les articles de ce blog sont traduits en Francais !

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We are Sitecore

The new Sitecore recruitment campaign is out, and its name is very appealing to me 🙂 Inside this clip, we can hear that Sitecore’s ambition is to double the business within the next three years. See the video of #WeAreSitecore

Using Sitecore.MainUtil – Part 1

Sitecore has a relatively unknown helper class which contains lots of cool functions that are very useful for developers. In this article, I will list those functions that are present in Sitecore 10. Those functions will be later moved to StringUtil and FileUtil classes. Other utilities classes are: Sitecore.StringUtil Sitecore.IO.FileUtil Sitecore.DateUtil Sitecore.Web.HtmlUtil Sitecore.Web.WebUtil Sitecore.Xml.XmlUtil WorkingSetSizeContinue reading “Using Sitecore.MainUtil – Part 1”

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We are a specialist unit within Sigma that delivers everything you need for digital commerce. Our goal is to give our customers a simpler and more efficient handling, and to give our customers’ customers a better experience. We do this by bringing together all systems related to digital commerce and customer dialogue into an ecosystem that provides a seamless experience for everyone involved.

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