Install Sitecore Storefront 10 XC1-CXA on Docker

Spoiler: this was not easy ! From Sitecore version 9, it has been possible to install Sitecore XP and XC on Docker. The installation was not straightforward and needed a lot of patience and a really good comprehension of how Docker works and how Sitecore parts interact with one another. When Sitecore 10 was releasedContinue reading “Install Sitecore Storefront 10 XC1-CXA on Docker”

Installation de Sitecore Commerce 10 sur un server (on premise)

L’installation de Sitecore Commerce a souvent été assez difficile et longue. Je vais ici vous montrer comment installer XC10 sur un ordinateur sur site et comment éviter tous les pièges dans lesquels on tombe habituellement. L’objectif de cet article est d’avoir une installation XC propre sur l’ordinateur d’un développeur. Afin de démontrer que j’ai vraimentContinue reading “Installation de Sitecore Commerce 10 sur un server (on premise)”

Install Sitecore Commerce 10 on Premise from scratch

Over the years, it has often been quite difficult and time-consuming to install Sitecore Commerce. I will here show you how to install XC10 on an On-Premises computer, and how to avoid all the fallouts people usually fall into. The objective is to have a clean XC installation on a developer’s computer. In order toContinue reading “Install Sitecore Commerce 10 on Premise from scratch”