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The new Sitecore recruitment campaign is out, and its name is very appealing to me 🙂 Inside this clip, we can hear that Sitecore’s ambition is to double the business within the next three years. See the video of #WeAreSitecore

Using Sitecore.MainUtil – Part 1

Sitecore has a relatively unknown helper class which contains lots of cool functions that are very useful for developers. In this article, I will list those functions that are present in Sitecore 10. Those functions will be later moved to StringUtil and FileUtil classes. Other utilities classes are: Sitecore.StringUtil Sitecore.IO.FileUtil Sitecore.DateUtil Sitecore.Web.HtmlUtil Sitecore.Web.WebUtil Sitecore.Xml.XmlUtil WorkingSetSizeContinue reading “Using Sitecore.MainUtil – Part 1”

Install Sitecore Commerce 10 on Premise from scratch

Over the years, it has often been quite difficult and time-consuming to install Sitecore Commerce. I will here show you how to install XC10 on an On-Premises computer, and how to avoid all the fallouts people usually fall into. The objective is to have a clean XC installation on a developer’s computer. In order toContinue reading “Install Sitecore Commerce 10 on Premise from scratch”

Migrating Sitecore medialib items from an Azure Storage Account to another one

One of our customer was upgrading his multisite/multilanguage Sitecore installation from version 9.0.1 to 9.3, and had gigabytes of media to move from the old site to the new one. Of course, moving the Sitecore items was easy, it was just to create a package and import it to the new site – I’ll showContinue reading “Migrating Sitecore medialib items from an Azure Storage Account to another one”

Complex rendering variants in SXA made easy with Scriban templates

When creating my own rendering variants in SXA, I was often frustrated by the rigidity of the elements available to create the variant’s HTML structure. For example, it was nearly impossible to render easily the value of a Droplist or taking care of rendering parameters. To create complex rendering variants, with CSS classes defined inContinue reading “Complex rendering variants in SXA made easy with Scriban templates”

Resolve the dreaded HTTP Error 502.5 – ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure

When I installed Sitecore 10, I got this ANCM Out-Of-Process error while trying to connect to the identity server. This could be reproduced easily when trying to connect to the identity server with this URL: https://$ Looking at the Event Viewer (Windows Log/Application), I could see a much better description of the error I haveContinue reading “Resolve the dreaded HTTP Error 502.5 – ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure”

Sitecore 10 available !

Today is a great day, Sitecore 10.0 is available to download here… I am currently installing it as I write these lines, I’ll make a post later this week on my first impressions. Some favorite highlights so far: New delivery options including support for Docker, Kubernetes and new Sitecore-provided image repositories A new ASP.NET Core headlessContinue reading “Sitecore 10 available !”

Import and Export data outside Sitecore

In some projects, I have been asked to export and import data that was in Sitecore so that non-technical personal could easily work with it. It could be everything from exporting users’s personal data to updating product information in a Sitecore Commerce site. The requirements were that these non-technical personal shouldn’t have to learn anythingContinue reading “Import and Export data outside Sitecore”

Some useful SPE scripts

Sitecore Powershell Extensions (SPE) is a module that provide a command line and scripting environment as well as several new tools. It was developped by Adam Najmanowicz and Michael West and is for example a prerequisite to install Sitecore Experience Accelerator. You can download this module from the marketplace or even from Sitecore’s download section.Continue reading “Some useful SPE scripts”

Create an smart Sitecore Form with different pages based on conditions

Sitecore Forms is a module that was introduced with Sitecore 9 to replace WFFM (Web Forms For Marketeers) and offers a more modern and intuitive approach to construct web forms that record and report information provided by users to your website. There are plenty of articles out there to help you create and show aContinue reading “Create an smart Sitecore Form with different pages based on conditions”

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