Sitecore 10 available !

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Today is a great day, Sitecore 10.0 is available to download here

I am currently installing it as I write these lines, I’ll make a post later this week on my first impressions.

Some favorite highlights so far:

  • New delivery options including support for Docker, Kubernetes and new Sitecore-provided image repositories
  • A new ASP.NET Core headless development option allows teams to build applications faster on the latest .NET technology.
  • Sitecore CLI and Sitecore for Visual Studio bring headless serialization by combining the best of TDS and Unicorn , making it easy for teams to script content changes and move them between different environments as part of deployment processes.
  • Horizon editing interface updates give marketers in-context insight across multilingual and multisite experiences.
  • Support for GDPR compliance journeys including features that make it easier to enforce and manage consent options as well as supporting the anonymization of personal information submitted via Sitecore Forms.

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